100 km course: Saturday 5:00 am

virtual tour (via youtube.com)

The course consists of two clockwise loops through the Southern Chiemgau. First is a 26 k clockwise loop around Rauschberg mountain, followed by a 74 k loop around the Hochfelln massif and up to its summit. The accumulated climbs amount to about 4700 m (15 500 ft). Large parts of the course employ narrow alpine single trails, so you should have a safe step and be free of acrophobia.

Starting at the Biathlon stadium ("Chiemgau arena") south of Ruhpolding you run on easy terrain via Taubensee lake and Schmelz (A) to Zwing (A), where you will meet the 100 mile course. From here follow on narrow hiking trail "Alpensteig" (Caution, risks of lethal falls!) up to Kaitel Alm (K). From here you follow a single trail, then forestry road to the technical descent through Sackgraben, followed by good hiking trails back to the stadium (V,K,A).
Here the 75 k runners will join you.
The second loop begins with a long climb via Seehaus to Unternberg mountain. From here you follow the ridge in western direction. First on a forestry road then on a single trail via Simandl Alm to Brander-Alm (bew.). Climb the pasture to the forest and take a left on the bifurcation in the forest to Ostertal and the meadow just beneath Hörndlwand summit (K). Keep on straight and then bear right to soon descend steeply and difficult NW to the beginning of Wappbach valley. At the bottom keep right (N) on a good forestry road to the aid station. Then, after Langerbauer Alm (V,K,bew.) in Röthelmoos take the next forestry road left in direction Jochbergalm. Take a forestry road left at 1085 m elevation and take another left onto a trail in a right hand bend at 1178 m elevation, leading to Jochberg-Alm (K,bew.). From here continue on trail up to the saddle between Hochsattel and Mansurfer descend the other side to Grundbach-Alm. Continue on rocky road to Bischofsfelln-Alm (bew.) and follow N on difficult trail down to a forestry road, leaving Hinteralm aside to your left to reach Eschelmoos plain. You will pass very near this point again on k 85 coming from the opposite direction. But for now go left and descend to Kohlstatt parking area(A,K,V). Here you climb steeply, first on the ski slope to the second forestry road. This leads you to Gleichenberg-Alm (bew.). Keep right and follow a narrow path to Mittelstation (halfway station) of Hochfelln cable car (bew.). Follow the hiking path and continue on forestry road level until a little ways before Hocherbalm (K) where you make left onto a trail down through the forest onto another forestry road which leads you, with a short trail interlude, to Maria Eck (bew.). Follow the road past the horse stables and then turn right to the aid station (V,A,K). Turn right and continue to Diesselbachstube and follow the forestry road, then a trail leading about level towards Ruhpolding Obergschwendt (A) and on the road to Egg (A),(K,V↓85), where you have to leave before 18:30 if you want to continue on the 100k loop. Until 21:00 you may finish the race using the 80 k shortcut-option. From Egg the 100 k course follows a hiking, later single trail above Farnböden-Alm to the last big climb to Hochfelln summit (K, bew.). From the chapel on the summit turn S through fir bushes steeply and very difficult down and over to Thorau saddle (1450 m) where you turn E and go down to Thorau Alm farms (bew.). A little ways below you turn right onto the hiking trail "Salzalpensteig" contour Reitstein and descend to Butzn Wirt aid stattion(A,V,K). Desscend through the enchanted forest to Brand, cross the road and climb on the other side to Unternberg chair lift. Descend via weingarten to Stockreit(K). Decend to the valley floor, cross B305 road and the river Traun, to finish S along Traun river trail to the stadium (A,V,K).

(bew.): restaurant, farm w. food for sale
(A): accesible by car
(V): aid station
(K): check point
(↓): shortcut option (total km)

Elevation profile

red: 100k course, magenta: additional track for 100 mile course
detailled maps are available to participants in the participants-area

Time table of aid stations and checkpoints

Tracks and waypoints may be downloaded in the participants area

The course is marked with white arrows and/or marking tape, esp. on all intersections. These may be missing due to rain, vandals etc. Therefore it is strongly advised that you take either a GPS device or a map with you. (e.g. Wanderkarte Chiemgau, available at the start, or topografic map 1:50000 Chiemsee - Chiemgauer Alpen and Berchtesgadener Alpen of Bay. Landesvermessungsamt or the maps Chiemgauer Alpen East (18) and Middle (19) by the German Alpine Club (DAV). You are responsible to find your way even if some markers may be missing.

General information
It is recommended to take a cell phone with you. However, coverage is not complete and sometimes you need to use an Austrian provider

The run leads to elevations up to of 1200-1700 m. Depending on the weather it might be cold, even in summer. We recommend to take a windbraker / rainshell with you. Check the weather forecast and don’t forget sun protection.

You participate at your own risk in this run, which is held on a not fenced-off and non-surveyed course. Comply with traffic regulations when you cross public roads.
In the mountains there exist many potentially lethal risks. So do not participate unless you feel able to judge and manage those risks even during a race setting. Should the powers of nature / extreme weather events call for it you might have to give up the run or to take a break e.g. in an Alm-hut or other solid building.
Possible dangers – without the list beeing complete – include: Vehicular trafic, storm, lightning, falls from precipices and cliffs, slippery rocks and grass on steep slopes, disfunctional trails, mudflows, falling rocks, mountain bikers, rabied animals, logging activities, poisonous snakes…. which may lead to injuries including death.