15th Chiemgauer100
100 k / 100 mi - mountain trail ultra run



Aug. 2 – Aug. 4 2019


Friday Aug. 2 2019

100 mile course:
from    12:00 Bib number pick-up, indication of individual starting time
           13:00 Briefing (mandatory!)
           14:00 end of drop bag deposit for k 16-69 (V1-V3) of 100 mile course
from    14:00 personalized Start, start possible at every full hour.

75k / 100 k course:
from    14:00 bib number pick-up
from    17:30 Pasta dinner
           18:00 Briefing (mandatory)

21:00 race office closes

Saturday Aug. 3 2019

from     04:00 Check-in
until      05:00 Deposit of drop bags
            05:00 Start 100 k (Chiemgau arena)
until      08:00 Deposit drop bags from km 43/68/128 (from V7 on)
            08:30 Start 75 km (Chiemgau arena)
            23:00 Finish closes

Sunday Aug. 4 2019

            10:00-12:00 Awards ceremony, Pick up of drop bags


Chiemgau arena, Biathlonzentrum 1  D-83324 Ruhpolding, Germany (100 k east of Munich).


- tourist information of Ruhpolding has a variety of offers:
- simple lodging w. breakfast in farm house 2-4 persons/room, common shower, 20.- €/night/person. Limited number available upon request.


Main event: 100 k, 4700 m of climbs, Time limit 18h  - Course records: 10:45 (men), 13:40 (women)
53% alpine hiking trails; 42% forestry roads; 5% paved roads
75 k: 3900 m of climbs, Time limit 14:30h
100 miles: 160.6 k, 7500 m of climbs, time limit max. 33h (Saturday 23:00) - Course records 21:19 (men), 27:33 (women)
53% alpine hiking trails; 43% forestry roads; 4% paved roads. – For the first 75k the organizer provides only a limited food and drink offering. Depending on the number of volunteers provided by the runners, aid stations and check posts may be manned – or not. Course marking, drop bag transport and water are guaranteed. The second half of the race employs the fully stacked aid stations of the 100k course.
Every accepted runner will have access to the detailed trail book and the GPS track in the participant's section of the website.

Check points:

100 k: At least 12 checkpoints, where you have to show your bib number. 100 miles: self-control during the first 75 k by list entries and punches (as in orienteering) should there be not enough volunteers to man all checkpoints.

Aid stations:

100 k: 6 well stocked major aid stations: Water, energy drink, Coke, various carbs, fruit, salt...
100 miles: Additional 3 drop bag stations with water and very limited supplies at k 21, 55 and 69.
Drinks and limited supplies at check points.
For reasons of fairness there should be no aid provided outside the aid stations or check points by your own crew (except in emergencies).
It is recommended to take at least a 0.5 l bottle, some electrolytes, energy bars and some cash with you.
In addition, nourishment can be purchased on a number of "Alm" (farm huts) and restaurants along the course.

Drop bags:

At all aid stations plus Hochfelln summit in limited number and size.
You need to bring your own bags and mark them with your bib number and the k number of the aid station
We are not liable for the drop bags or their contents.


Pacers are not permitted (neither man nor animal).

Cut offs:

9:00 at Chiemgau arena, k 0/26/87; 13:00 at Hörndlwand, k 14/39/100; 14:00 at Röthelmoos, k 39/44/105; 18:00 at Hocherb, k 36/61/122;
18:30 at Egg, k 51/76/137 (k60/85/146 - option until 21:00).


Arrows on the ground (flour, paint), marking tape on trees etc.,
hiking trail signs and markers, reflective markers at night (100 k course: from k 85; 100 miles: from k 27 to 87 and from 146 to 161).
Markers may be missing or be misplaced due to rain, wind, animals, vandals, over-orderly hikers etc. Runners unfamiliar with the terrain are advised to take with them a hiking map with the course on it or a GPS with track. Hiking maps may be purchased at the registration, the GPS track is available in the participant's section of the website. Participants are responsible to find their way even if markers are missing! After closure of the 100 mile checkpoints and 100 k checkpoints the course markers will be removed.

Drop out / shortcut:

If you drop out you have to notify the run organisation immediately and turn in your bib number at the next checkpoint. If you don't notify us timely, you may be barred from further runs and will have to pay for any search and rescue costs arising.
If you drop out or miss a cutoff time you have no right to beeing transported back to the finish, even though we will try to provide this service, resources pending.
The run may officially be shortened upon indicating this to the check point personnel at V8 Egg (k51/76/137) to 60 k / 85 k / 146 k.

Disqualification / penalties:

At the discretion of the race management for exhaustion, unfair behavior, shortcutting, vehicle use, littering or vehicle use on closed forestry roads (nature preserve!) by runner's crew etc.


Minimum age: 18, Upon request male runners aged 65 and over, female runners aged 60 and over may be allowed to start earlier than the field.
Course limit: 150 runners, of which no more than 100 for the 100 k course.
In case the limit is reached before January 31st there will be a
weighted lottery. Additional tickets are given to runners who previously participated, provided a volunteer or volunteered themselves, took part without success in previous lotteries, live more than 750/1500 k away (by bird's flight) and early registration. Distances may only be switched if there are empty spots available. Runners wishing to change course have priority over those on the waiting list. 8 spots are reserved for sponsors and arbitrary choice of the organization.

Entry fee:

65 € until Jnuary 31st
75 € until June 31st
95 € from July 1st.
GPS tracking services may be purchased for an extra 10 €, plus a refundable deposit of 50€ for the tracking device
The entry fee includes: Organisation costs, pasta dinner, aid stations, prices and finisher T-shirt. Any surplus will be used to indemnify the volunteers.
Cancellations before 04/01 will be refunded 50 €, before 07/01 40 €. No refunds thereafter.

Bank account :

Giselher Schneider, . Upon demand a paypal-account or an US-American Bank account may be provided.


Giselher Schneider
Kienbergstr. 14
83268 Traunstein


Participation in the run is at your own risk and responsibility. The course is not closed to vehicles and is not surveyed, locally exist deadly fall heights. You have to respect traffic regulations on roads and watch for traffic. You should participate only if you can judge alpine dangers correctly even in a race setting. It may be necessary for you to stop the run according to your own judgement or to take a break in a safe spot such as a farm building, should for instance forces of nature (e.g. storm, lightning) demand for it. Dangers to be encountered are, without the list being complete: vehicular traffic, mountain bikers, thunderstorms, lightning, slipping, destroyed trails, mud slides, rock fall, logging activities, vipers, cattle, dogs… which may lead to injuries and damages including death.

General remarks:

Participation in the run is at your own risk. Each participant has to sign a liability waiver
The organizer may reject entries without naming reasons, change the course or cancel the run for any grave reason. Then you will be refunded your entry fee minus any costs already accrued.