The C100 StundenRunden/HourlyRounds is a race format focusing on social interaction, endurance, and a bit of tactic. Speed is not important – unless you want it to be. It has several elements of a backyard ultra, but still it is different, as you can choose any duration – 1 hour to one day – or distance – between 6,7km or 100 miles (=160km) – you like to run.

The C100 StundenRunden can´t replace the classic Chiemgauer100 ultra mountain run and there is no intention to do so. It is just the same orga team and the same atmosphere and spirit, at least we are trying to keep it alive.

Therefore it is a very good chance to attempt:

  • your first half marathon
  • your first marathon distance (at a moderate pace), and you can choose either daytime or – and why not? – a night run
  • your first ultra-run
  • your first run under backyard modalities
  • your first 100km run
  • your first 6h, 12h or even 24h run
  • your first 100 miles run

And if you have already done all that before, it will still be a good opportunity to finish the 2023 running season in an unusual way. As mentioned above there will be a lot of interaction between runners. Before and after each round at the start and finish area, next to the swimming pool and during the whole race as you will set off together for another 6.7km. Round by round, hour by hour,…

When: Sat. 21.10.23, 9am to Sun. 22.10.23, 9am
Where: Schwimmbadweg 15, 83346 Bergen


Fr. 04.10.2024:

5 -8pm Late Registration, pick up your bibs

Sa. 05.10.2024:

  • from 7am late registration, bibs to be picked up
  • 9am start of the first round / race
  • from 10am start of a new round at every full hour

So. 06.10.2024:

  • 8am start of the 24th and with that last round
  • 10am price giving / flower ceremony

The Rules

  1. All runners start together into every new round on the hour.
  2. A round is 6.7km long and must be finished within 60 minutes, including the last round. If it takes longer, you are out of the race. Only the time of the last round will be measured, all previous rounds are scored / valued with 60 minutes.
  3. The course is not to be left or shortened and must be followed in the marked direction. (Shortcuts or littering of the environment will result in disqualification.)
  4. All rounds need to be run consecutively. Breaks are to be taken until the start of every new round. (You are not allowed to take a break for an hour and continue afterwards.)
  5. Meals, drinks and any further support is only allowed at the single aid station next to the start area / swimming pool before or between the rounds, it can be either supplied by us or individually. You can take everything with you on the course, but any further support or supply outside the Schwimmbad is not allowed.
  6. The Chiemgauer100 HourlyRounds run lasts 24 hours, from Saturday 9.00am until Sunday, 9.00am. This allows for a maximum of 24 rounds, equaling 160,8km or 100miles. (A headlight should be worn between 6pm and 7am.)
  7. Every participant can run as many rounds / hours as she or he wants to (and is capable of) and the starting time (every full hour) can be chosen freely. You only must start at 9am, if you want to run 24 rounds.
  8. There will be ratings for any number of correctly finished rounds. The ranking (within each rating) is determined by the time of the last round.
  9. Particularly awarded (with a certificate) will be the ratings of
    15 rounds = 100,5km and 24 rounds = 100 miles (160,8km)Team competition
  10. There will be a team competition for any registered team of 3. (Every team member will be rated individually as well.)
  11. Every team tries to collect as many rounds as possible with
    • every round finished within 60mins by a single team member counting,
    • as long as at least 2 – or all 3 – team members participate at this round and
    • rules 1 to 6 have been obeyed.
    • Therefore, a maximum of 3 x 24 = 72 rounds can be achieved by a team.
  12. In case of equal numbers of rounds being scored by several teams, the ranking is determined by the sum of the times of the final rounds of the 3 team members.

The course

The 6,7km long round course with 58 meters height gain must be finished within 60 minutes. The first half is a flat straight, which allows conversations from the aid station to be continued. On the second half the trail is getting smaller and only within in the last third you have to gain height by crossing the Schellenberg.

Compulsory Equipment

None – except common sense.
A headlight could be helpful in the dark (between 6pm and 7am).
Drop bags can be kept at the start/finish/support area.

Aid station

The one and only aid station is situated in front of the swimming pool Bergen, and also functions as start and finish area. Here you can have drinks (water, iso, tea, coffee, coke) and meals (fruit, energy bars, snacks, boiled potatoes, and hot soup at certain times) or get your own individual meals and drinks or any other support, either out off your drop bag or from a support team. But it is exclusively here and nowhere else on the course.

Travelling and Parking

It would be great if you could travel together in groups, either by public transport or individually.
Bergen and the race area are about 1,8km away from the railway station – a distance easily covered by a nice walk. It is on the route Munich to Salzburg, which is served on an hourly basis and covered by the Deutschlandticket.

Link to the Deutsche Bahn.

If you happen to live or stay in Bergen, please come by foot or bike, as there is only limited parking space around the swimming pool. If you need to travel by car, please make use of any of the other parking areas in Bergen as well – it will always be only a short walk to the race venue.

Participation Fee

Individual runner: 55€

Team of 3 runners: 130€ (only when registered at the same time)
(All team members will be rated as single runners as well.)

Members of the TSV Bergen: 50 %

From 26th September: 60€ for individuals, 140€ for teams

4th to 6th October: only late registration at the venue.

A cancellation of your registration or refund is not possible. However, with your registration confirmation you will be supplied with a link, which enables you to change all registration details or transfer your registration to another participant until the 3rd of October.

Registration 2024


Participants 2024


Staying in Bergen

There are various options to stay in and around Bergen over night. The tourist information Bergen can supply you with further details:, telephone:+49 (0) 8662/8321, email for booking requests: .

The campground Wagnerhof is situated next to the race venue at the swimming pool and tennis court and lies within the round course. It will still be open in October.

The parking area of the Hochfelln Seilbahn, just 2km away, offers a cheap alternative for self-contained campers. Be aware that there are no sanitary facilities or toilets available!

Pictures / videos and data protection

With registration for the Chiemgauer100 StundenRunden every participant accepts that all photo – , video- and sound -material collected during the race may be published in conjunction with the race.
A list of participants as well as the race results will be published.
Further information about our data protection can be found in our privacy policy.